Thursday, August 21, 2008

Amongst all the left-wing hysteria over Obama its hard not to lose sight of his actual policies. After all Obama's position on the war in Iraq is that it was "inconceived", and that its not working, there's no principled opposition there, anyone could say that. Its what German chiefs of staff were saying after Stalingrad and Barborossa
McCain doesn't know Shi'ite

"Czechoslovakia broke up a long time ago, this is kind of like referring to Jenifer Lopez and Ben Affleck as 'Bennifer'.. today, you just can't do that, 'cause they split up."

I love the way it had to be broken down into a fine paste for americans who can't understand or refer to anything serious without a trivial analogy to make sense of it. Although it is important to treat all serious matters with a sincere and studied triviality.